Thursday, December 27, 2018

OfficeCentral Online HRMS System

OfficeCentral HRMS is one of the modules available in OfficeCentral. OfficeCentral HRMS allows you to manage your human resources more efficiently and effectively, at the same time increasing your employees satisfaction.

Online Staff Profile
Each employee will be able to have their own online staff profile.

Online Leave Management
By using our OfficeCentral Online HRMS System, employees will be able to apply for leave online, while the managers can log on to their account from anywhere they are to approve/deny any requests made - saving time and money.

Staff Movement Registration and Monitoring
Your employees will also be able to register their movements when they are out of office while the managers will be able to view and monitor these movements online.

Staff Career Progression and History
Your employees will be able to view their career progression and history throughout their career with your company. This can also act as a record which can be printed anytime you need.

Staff Training and Planning
Staff training and planning can also be recorded and automatically included in the staff profile for any further actions.

Online Staff Advance and Claims Management
Your employees will be able to submit their requests for advances and claims online - directly to the Online Staff Advance and Claims Management, simplifying the process, saving time and allow your employees to focus on their core job.

Staff Performance Evaluation
OfficeCentral Online HRMS System allows the company to evaluate staff performance online and the employees themselves will be able to view the evaluation, anytime they need. This will help increase the staff performance and also saves administration costs.

Online Staff Portal 
Each of your employees will receive an account and will be able to log into their account from anywhere they are to access the features listed above. Isn't it neat?

If you are interested to sign up for a free trial, click here.

Or if you prefer to have a free consultation service where you can see how OfficeCentral HRMS can help you in your HR management, feel free to request one. One of OfficeCentral representatives will be contacting you!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Which Human Resources Executive are You ?

Human Resources the executives includes both vital and complete ways to deal with overseeing individuals, and working environment culture and condition.

The job of Human Resources experts is to guarantee that an organization's most vital resource its human capital is being sustained and bolstered through the creation and the executives of projects, strategies, and systems, and by cultivating a positive workplace through powerful worker-manager relations.

The idea of manage human resources the executives is that representatives who are liable to powerful human resources the board can all the more viable and profitably add to an organization's general heading, in this way guaranteeing organization objectives and targets are cultivated.

The present human resources supervisory crew is in charge of significantly more than customary staff or regulatory errands. Rather, individuals from a human resources supervisory group are more centered around increasing the value of the key usage of workers and guaranteeing that representative projects are affecting the business in positive and quantifiable ways.

Which one you are as the Human Resources?  Are you the Average Human Resources or the Great Human Resources? Ask yourself, which Human Resources you are? Are you good enough to manage a company as a Human Resources

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How HR Software can help you in HR Management

Are you HR in your company? Keep repeating the same routine and mostly it manually. Want to know how HR software can help your routine at your company? Keep reading this article to know about HR software that can help you and your company.

HR is one of the most important roles in the company and organization for survivals to success. Moreover, it depending on if you look at the issue from a manager perspective itself. HR need to managed and make sure that all the employer are treated fairly. Not just to manage the employer but need to manage the company also. It is not a small or simple task and responsibility to HR. Need to maintain, alert and focus to the surrounding of the keep maintaining environment in the company.

Firstly,  by using HR software it will help by Staff Profile Management. You can manage your staff's information and profile, which includes their career history, education history, references, family information and more. Sometimes you as HR need to check back about the staff profile but if before this you need to open each of file by randomly, it takes a lot of time so by using HR software, everything will be settled by few clicks.

Secondly, it can automated organization chart.No more wasting time building your organization chart. If before this you need to draft and do it manually. Need to sketch, list down and make a draft, now you do not need to do it. By using software everything will automatically produce your organization chart based on your staffs' profile. It simple as just need one click.

Thirdly, the most important things that HR need to do is Leave Management. In the past when they were not using any system, their employees had to apply leave using paper forms, and then have an administrator at each location to manage the leave applications and send their information to the HQ by email or fax. This has taken up so much time and a lot of papers, and the management at HQ is unable to get the real-time employees data at other branches due to the report is only done once a month. But now It automatically calculates and allocates your leave entitlements based on your policy settings. Apply and approve leave applications online. It more easy-peasy right?

You can list the courses available for your staffs' to take, and also list down the courses that they have taken. In HR software, you can manage the training courses that you would like to provide to your staffs efficiently. You can enter the courses information, the staffs can apply them and after that, the approval process will take place. Once the course application is approved, the course will show up in the list of courses taken by the staff in his Staff Profile. This will make it easy for you to monitor the courses taken by staffs to ensure they achieve their annual targeted training courses.

From the manually by using punch card machine, fingerprint and other else that sometimes can give a side problem or error, by using the system that more advanced, we just do it by the online using system that more systematic. It helps HR managed the Attendance. Easily manage your staffs' attendance and tardiness online.

You sometimes as manager and the leader cannot manage to monitor all your staffs' movements and travel information every second. Sweat no more as they can simply submit their movements information online, and able to connect to claims. With the HR software that can know the staff Movements and can manage it. Now you can track your staffs' movements which can also be connected to their claims. Should your staff needs to request for an advance such as advance when they need to travel, they can do so online easily. They can also track the approval and payment status online. The approval workflow can also be set just like the Claims Management approval workflow. 

Next are the Settings & Configurations. There are a few settings that you can set to follow your company's policies such as leave types, public holidays and more. When you using HR software, everything will be automatically.

Lastly, by using the system, Employee can do it Self Service and they can do it by their own. The employees can apply to leave online easily and view their entitlements and other information from wherever they are.

So now interested in HR software and want to know more and want to try to use the HR software which is OfficeCentral Malaysia Online HRMS? Click this link and get your free trial by using the OfficeCentral. Grow your business with OfficeCentral.Increase your employees' satisfaction with OfficeCentral Malaysia Online Human Resources Management System.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

What is Leave Management?

Hi everyone!

Our topic for today is on Leave Management. This benefit may have become too common in companies that people might not think the importance of leave and how its management is actually crucial in employees' performance.

What is leave management? 

As humans, we need rests and may sometimes require to take leave in order to not be overworked, and thus, reducing our productivity. By taking leave, the employee is able to relax, rest and be fully recharged and increase his/her productivity in his/her work.

Leave management is one of the simplest yet one of the most important HR activities that often consumes a significant portion of the HR team’s time. Besides ensuring that employees are satisfied, HR team have to ensure compliance with policies, any government requirements and at the same time, ensuring that enough employees are available to ensure that the business can run without disruption.

Therefore, it is very important to have a reliable leave management system for your company. Research has shown that poor leave management practices may negatively affect employee performance. It can also affect employee morale and therefore impact project deliverables. According to a research conducted by Singapore based recruitment firm Robert Half, most employees want more days off. The survey of 500 employees in Singapore found 36 percent put more annual leave at the top of their wish list, followed by more flexible hours (32 per cent) and professional development opportunities (20 per cent). This shows how employees highly value time-off from work.

What is your take on your company's leave management?

Friday, December 8, 2017

Malaysia Employment Act 1955

Are you looking for Malaysia Employment Act 1955?

Here I attach the act for your reference:

What is Human Resources Management?

This title may sound too simple.

But not all actually understand what is Human Resources Management.

Almost all companies employ workers to run the business. And of course, these workers are the human resources of the company which needs to be managed.

Human resource management (or its short form HRM or HR), is the management of human resources in a company. It is designed to maximize employee performance in the service of an employer's strategic objectives. HR is mainly concerned with the management of people in organizations, focusing on policies and systems.

Normally HR departments are responsible for the following:
1. Attracting talents
2. Recruitment
3. Overseeing employee-benefits design
4. Training and development
5. Performance appraisal
6. Rewards (managing pay and benefits systems)
and more.

HR also concerns itself with organizational change and industrial relations, that is, the balancing of organizational practices with requirements arising from collective bargaining and from governmental laws.

We go back to this point: It is designed to maximize employee performance in the service of an employer's strategic objectives.

This is actually the main point of HR.

HR will identify the needs and requirements in order to achieve the strategic objectives, and plan out and carry out the actions in order to maximize employee performance towards that objectives.

OfficeCentral Online HRMS System

OfficeCentral HRMS is one of the modules available in OfficeCentral. OfficeCentral HRMS allows you to manage your human resources more ...